Samsung Unveils New Gaming Monitors, Including QD OLED And World’s First Dual UHD Design

This year’s CES in Las Vegas looks set to bring us one of the busiest shows ever when it comes to showcasing new screen technologies - and this applies to the gaming monitor world as well as TVs.

In fact, Samsung has headed up its CES announcements with news of a series of new monitors it’s bringing to market for 2023 that will literally change the shape of gaming. Monitor Sutradara

Samsung Unveils New Gaming Monitors, Including QD OLED And World’s First Dual UHD Design

Two models in particular stand out from the new Samsung monitor range: The Odyssey Neo G9 with its 57-inch, dual UHD curved display, and the Odyssey OLED G9 with its Quantum Dot OLED screen.

Looking first at the Neo G9 first (the exact model number will be the G95NC), this huge monitor is the first in the world to deliver both a 7680x2160 resolution and a 32:9 aspect ratio in a single screen. Its relatively extreme 1000R curvature ensures that the picture wraps round the player for even greater immersion in gaming worlds, while its use of Quantum Dot mini LED backlight technology should ensure excellent picture quality.

Samsung's new 57-inch Neo G9 monitor combines Mini LED backlighting with VESA 1000 HDR certification ... [+] and the world's first 7680x2160 resolution in a single monitor.

In fact, its VA panel is also certified to VESA Display HDR 1000 specification, showing that it can deliver a true HDR experience capable of hitting 1000 nits of peak brightness. Most rival monitors sit in VESA’s HDR 400, 500 or 600 tiers. The use of mini LED technology should help the Neo G9’s impressive brightness peaks be joined by strong black levels and shadow detailing, too.

Samsung doesn’t state how many dimming zones the Neo G9 will get, so I guess it’s possible there could be backlight blooming. Though experience of other recent Samsung’s mini LED displays and TVs suggests that blooming likely won’t be much of an issue at all provided you’re sat right in front of the monitor (as you will want to be given the extent of the G95NC’s curvature).

The 57-inch Neo G9’s immersive qualities should be further enhanced by its used of a reflection-rejecting Matte Display finish, while its connectivity also claims a world first in the shape of a DisplayPort 2.1 port. This is capable of transferring data around twice as fast as the previous DisplayPort 1.4 spec, and allows lossless industry-standard Display Stream Compression (DSC) to transmit huge quantities of data without distortion.

Finally, the Odyssey Neo G9 will support refresh rates of up to 240Hz, a 2ms gray to gray response time, and variable refresh rates including the Freesync Premium Pro format.

Pricing has yet to be confirmed, but you can expect a figure above $2,000.

Turning to the Odyssey OLED G9, its 49-inch Quantum Dot OLED screen features a Quad-HD, 32:9 resolution (5120x1440). It’s curved like the G95NC, too, but the degree of its curvature reduces to 1800R.

The New Odyssey OLED G9 uses Quantum Dot OLED technology for extreme contrast and a pure RGB colour ... [+] experience.

The big story here performance wise is the way its OLED technology allows each pixel in the image to produce its own light and colour, leading to a peerless local contrast performance and immaculately rich, deep black levels. In fact, Samsung claims a 1,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio for the OLED G9 (actual model number G95SC).

What’s more, since this screen uses QD OLED technology, it delivers a true RGB colour palette without the white element and colour filters associated with rival WOLED panels.

Response time is rated at just 0.1ms, which combines with 240Hz refresh rate and Freesync Premium Pro support to eliminate lagging and skipping.

The G95SC is also equipped with Samsung’s Gaming Hub - an all-in-one game streaming platform that lets gamers stream games from the cloud via partners such as Xbox and NVIDIA GeForce Now.

Finally, the OLED G9 is actually more than just a gaming monitor, as it carries apps from the likes of Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and YouTube through a built-in Smart Hub.

I have been lucky enough to see a prototype of the G95SC and have to say it looked seriously awesome. Fingers crossed the finished product is at least as impressive.

The Odyssey OLED G9 delivers a true 360-degree design.

Although they’re not as focused on gaming as the OLED G9 and Neo G9, Samsung also unwrapped a couple of other new monitors as part of its pre-CES announcement that it’s worth covering before we settle back to await the unveiling of Samsung’s 2023 TV range.

First there’s the ViewFinity S9 (S90PC), which is the first Samsung monitor to feature a 5K (5120x2880) 27-inch screen with a view to catering for creative professionals such as graphic designers and photographers. This monitor can cover 99% of the DCI-P3 colour gamut with an extreme degree of accuracy, and a Color Calibration Engine is built in to help users adjust white balance, gamma and RGB colour balance for total accuracy using just their smartphones and Samsung’s Smart Calibration app.

The Matte Display reduces reflections too, while USB-C and Thunderbolt 4 connections are provided to enable users to easily transfer large files from storage devices to their PCs.

The ViewFinity S9 ships with a 4K SlimFit camera and also carries Samsung’s Smart Hub, enabling native video conferencing through apps such as Google Meet.

Samsung’s popular Smart Monitor M8 range, meanwhile, with their handy blend of TV-like and work productivity features, is to get a new 27-inch screen size to go with the existing 32-inch model. Despite its relatively small size, the 27-inch M8 will still benefit from a 4K resolution, and ships with the same stylish, ultra-slim design available in four colour options: Daylight Blue, Spring Green, Sunset Pink and Warm White.

The height adjustable stand the new M8 sits on includes tilt support, can pivot through 90 degrees and supports VESA mounting points if you want to wall hang it.

As part of the Samsung’s Smart Monitor range, the 27-inch M8 will support both SmartThings and the Smart Hub, the former opening up a world of multi-device monitoring and control, the latter providing direct access to entertainment services such as Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video and Samsung’s Gaming Hub.

Other cool features of the new Smart Monitor M8 include automatically showing a user’s photos, schedule and other useful things on screen whenever the monitor detects while in standby mode a registered smartphone nearby; an upgrade to 2K resolution for the integrated SlimFit camera (which works with provided video conferencing apps); and Samsung’s Knox Vault security system, which encrypts personal data and keeps stored files and information isolated from the device’s main operating system to protect key data from hackers.

Samsung tells me it is also looking to introduce more new features to its Smart Monitor range in the coming months, such as mouse control support for both the home and app interfaces, support for more multi-tasking scenarios (such as MS365 integration for work); a multi-screen Multi-View system; and potentially a game pad to deliver a more engaging gaming experience.

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