Best Teflon and Nonstick Scissors –

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We’ve all been there: You’d hoped to cut out fabric for 20 minutes and then get to sewing, but the crafting scissors you’ve had since high school are proving to be a pain—functionally and sometimes literally. Scissors that have sticky stuff on them are the bane of sewers and artists. Trade hand exhaustion and ragged edges for these five nonstick blades that will stand up to even the peskiest glues and adhesives. Ptfe Belt

Best Teflon and Nonstick Scissors –

To no one’s surprise, the formidable Finnish company, known the world over for its orange-handled scissors, puts out a mean pair of nonstick shears. Featuring a cushy rubber grip, these titanium-reinforced stainless steel blades won’t dull anytime soon. If they feel substantial in your hand, that’s because they are: Fabric, paper, cardboard, and more are easy work for these snips, making them perfect for mixed-media projects.

Like our top pick, these scissors combine the longevity of titanium-bonded steel with the advantages of a nonstick coating. Titanium-bonded blades are five times stronger than regular steel, meaning they not only last a long time but can be used on all sorts of materials without dulling for years. They also have a soft-grip handle to reduce fatigue.

We love these scissors. Affordable? Check. Long lasting? Check, with a limited lifetime warranty to boot. Sharp looking (no pun intended, we swear)? With a modern black-and-white design as crisp as the cut, definite check. Nor do these sacrifice function for form: You’ll find that repetitive cutting projects are a whole lot less taxing with a rubber-lined ergonomic grip. Scotch claims these nonstick blades, sold in a three-pack, will “stay sharp beyond 100,000 cuts.” But who’s keeping track? With scissors this supple, not you.

Students’ scissors need not be dull in order to be safe. These blunt-tipped snippers from Fiskars have a nonstick coating that is great for cutting through tape, stickers, or glued projects. Underneath the coating, the blades are made from rust- and wear-resistant stainless steel. And, since price is always a consideration for teachers, it’s worth noting the affordability of this glam pair.

This is the Subaru of scissors: simple, reliable, and very versatile. Unlike the cramp-inducing analog encountered in crafting class or office cubicles everywhere, this Japanese-made model comes with the promise of a silky cut. The grip isn’t the most comfortable on our list, but if longevity and lightness are your thing, look no farther than these Teflon-coated keepers.

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Best Teflon and Nonstick Scissors –

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