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Securing workplaces and commercial buildings is nothing new. It has long been a practice in the workplace to provide the most trusted employee with a set of keys or to employ a security guard to man the front doors. However, advancements in access control technology are allowing businesses to forsake the antiquated lock-and-key approach. To ensure extra security in modern commercial building security, the great majority of offices nowadays employ electronic keyless door locks.

Commercial keyless door lock technology has been around for several decades, so it’s not surprising that most businesses already have keyless access systems. However, the proliferation of IoT-connected devices and the surge in cybercrime have resulted in increasing security flaws. Some building entrance systems may need to be improved for the level of protection you need, necessitating an update. IP Door Phone

Keyless Door Entry System for Business - UrbanMatter

Use this guide from a professional Broomfield locksmith to learn about the best keyless entry systems for businesses and how they may help you improve your company’s security.

What Exactly is Keyless Entry?  

A keyless entry door lock for commercial premises is a digital access control system that eliminates traditional locks and keys. Employers no longer need to create keys for each recruit, nor need they be concerned about employees misplacing or providing keys to unauthorized parties. They may easily install smart locks for the company and choose how their employees will access the premises.

Keyless entry systems make organizations safer and technologically savvy due to enhanced technology and security. They provide improved monitoring and access control information since they are linked with back-end software, helping enterprises to increase their physical security. They also make it easier for employees to enter the company’s premises because they no longer need to carry keys.

How Do Keyless Door Locks Work?  

Keyless door locks work the same way as traditional locks and keys to open and close commercial doors across your facility. The main difference is to unlock the door, employees can enter a code, use a key fob or keycard, or use biometrics such as their fingerprint or face recognition. When the door is opened, the lock usually remains unlocked for a few seconds before locking automatically when the door is reopened.

Office Keyless Entry System Varieties  

To give you access, biometric access control systems validate your identification by scanning a portion of your body. Some systems combine biometric identification with a different form of access. You can obtain equipment that can scan your palm, fingerprint, or eye.

These systems are incredibly safe and convenient, making them perfect for large organizations with many employees that need controlled access to various parts of the building.

Key fobs are tiny, light electronic keys that readily attach to a key chain. They are usually more convenient and seamless than a standard key set. They may also be set to unlock several doors using access control software. Simply touch the key fob or card on the sensor to deactivate the lock.

While less secure than biometric scans, Keypads may be a convenient form of access. You may place an electronic keypad on the door that allows anybody with the passcode to enter. This allows for more consistent and faster entry. However, employees can share the code. You will also need to update the code anytime an employee leaves the firm. As a result, keypads are great for small enterprises or restrict access to a portion of your facility where only a few require admission.

  The Advantages of Smart Locks for Business  

Traditional keys are easy to misplace and replicate. On the other hand, keyless door entry systems need a unique credential for each user, making duplication more difficult. Furthermore, many electronic door entry systems employ end-to-end encryption to secure user data. The finest business keyless door locks do not save data locally, making it more difficult for hackers and attackers to obtain sensitive information.

Remote access is provided through a keyless entry system managed in the cloud. A security coordinator with remote access to a keyless entry system may unlock business security doors from anywhere, whether to let in an employee after hours to accept package delivery or even enable emergency responders to access the building. This capability is beneficial for firms that must manage many sites.  

An electronic keyless door lock system may be reconfigured without needing a replacement. New keys must be cut and supplied every time an employee leaves the firm, and every door lock must be reset. This might quickly become costly for organizations with a high turnover.  

To establish who opened the doors and when you must have a video surveillance system with time stamps. Keyless entry systems can monitor all admission activities in real time since they employ encrypted communication for credential authentication. This is important for regularly auditing the system and responding to crises or security issues.

Organizations of all sizes work to strengthen their security systems. Furthermore, this begins with using sound, keyless entry systems for the company and sticking to top security procedures. Businesses are no longer required to give substantial key sets to workers, personnel, and other authorized individuals. They can employ keyless entry systems, which provide a simplified and tailored access control experience. Consider all the choices and benefits described above to assist you in selecting the ideal keyless system for your company.

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Keyless Door Entry System for Business - UrbanMatter

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