The 14 Best Bathroom Storage Pieces of 2023

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These smart and durable bathroom storage pieces are what your organizing dreams are made of. Bathroom Organizer Stand

The 14 Best Bathroom Storage Pieces of 2023

The bathroom is often one of the trickiest spots to tidy, especially if you tend to pile stuff up in a snap. There’s no magic solution to organize your tight spaces, you need to rely on clever and multifunctional bathroom storage pieces.

“The bathroom is where things go to die,” quips professional organizer Margaret Ellison of Sunday Plans in Charleston, South Carolina. From old skincare to makeup samples to forgotten hair accessories, it’s imperative to toss what you’re not using anymore. This includes back stock. While it can be economical to buy in bulk, Ellison says, “It’s not always worth the space you’re giving up in your home.”

Once you whittle down your belongings and purge what’s no longer serving, you can move on to the fun part: actually organizing. To help find the top bathroom storage pieces, we partnered with Ellison and conducted hours of research, considering their functionality, size, material, and ease of cleaning.

Brightroom Towel Wall Storage Cabinet

Why You Should Get It: It has ample space for rolled or even hung towels.

Keep in Mind: The metal is rust-resistant, not rust-proof, and may require some maintenance over time.

This simple yet functional wall rack works really well when you’re looking to maximize every inch of your bathroom. By making use of vertical space, you can keep towels easily accessible—in other words, you know what’s out there without having to buy extra sets as often.

Its tiers allow you to store six rolled bath towels and even include bars where you could hang hand towels instead. If you don’t love folding, just the idea of rolling them makes a difference. Whatever method you choose, its minimal design helps to keep your towels organized and very hotel-like (on that note, try to use matching towels for the cleanest, cluttered-free look).

Though the metal structure is perfect for humid environments as it is rust-resistant, it’s not rust-proof, so you may need to wipe it down every now and then to delay rusting. Another downside is that you need to open holes for a DIY installation, which it’s not ideal if you like to move things around or live in a rental unit.

Price at time of publish: $50

Product Details: Dimensions: 30 in (height) x 10 in (width) x 6 in (diameter) | Material: Metal | Care: Not listed

Why You Should Get It: This classically designed cabinet has both open and closed storage.

Keep in Mind: Legs may conflict with other storage.

There are a lot of over-the-toilet-organization solutions that take advantage of any vertical space available, and this one is great for a few reasons. Its classic, versatile design comes in two colors and features bead board and decorative molding at the top, so if you’re someone that loves to rearrange your home décor, you won’t waste money as it can easily fit into different styles.

Between the open shelf and a closed cabinet with adjustable shelving inside, you’ll have room to organize smaller items, such as makeup or fragrances, or simply use it as storage for toilet paper and extra bottles of hand soaps. The doors allow you to keep things neat, at least from the outside. Its maintenance is also simple—just wipe it clean without using any harsh cleaners.

As with many over-the-toilet units, legs take up space, so keep this in mind if there are pipelines or heaters around your toilet (very common in older constructions). If standing storage isn’t quite your style or it blocks some of the bathroom’s functionality, you can forgo the legs and anchor the cabinet part to the wall.

Price at time of publish: $137

Product Details: Dimensions: 9 in (diameter) x 24.8 in (width) x 66 in (height) | Material: Engineered Wood | Care: Not listed

The Home Edit Stacking Pantry Bin (Case of 4)

Why You Should Get It: These stackable bins can bypass the sink pipes and create storage with height.

Keep in Mind: While stackable, this design isn’t modular.

Let’s be real, under the sink is a challenging area due to the pipes that can get in the way and create an odd amount of blank space. Since you can’t maximize your horizontal space, it’s best to go vertical with stackable bins.

The clear plastic allows you to see what’s in there, and for those who love going above and beyond with their organization, you can even label it without damaging its surface. “These create height and structure under the sink, where usually it’s just a blank canvas,” Ellison says.

Keep in mind that while stackable, this particular design isn’t modular, so if you don’t need everything under there to be accessible, you can also stack with The Home Edit’s All-Purpose Bin, that’s the same size without the wide-open design. To clean them, simply hand wash them with mild soap and warm water.

Price at time of publish: $20 for single bins

Product Details: Dimensions: 10 in (length) x 10 in (width) x 6 in (height) | Material: Resipreme plastic | Care: Hand wash only

Vasagle Bathroom Floor Storage Cabinet

Why You Should Get It: This will fit all of your bathroom essentials without taking up too much space.

Keep in Mind: It may arrive with a chemical smell.

Not too big, not too small—the size of this engineered-wood bathroom cabinet is just right for storing essentials like toilet paper and towels, or it can even double up as a beauty vanity. Designed for versatility, the piece matches any style and comes in three colors.

When you open the doors, you’ll find two interior shelves with three adjustable heights to choose from, ensuring you can organize the cabinet exactly how you see fit. Though made with the bathroom in mind, you can easily move this around to other rooms for storage.

It may take some serious DIY skills to put it together, and you can notice a chemical smell, but it will go away once it has time to air out. As with any angular unit, this cabinet could become cumbersome in tight bathrooms (more specifically, older ones with heaters and pipes around).

Price at time of publish: $100

Product Details: Dimensions: 11.8 in (diameter) x 23.6 in (width) x 31.5 in (height) | Material: Engineered wood | Care: Not listed

West Elm Clear Acrylic Tray

Why You Should Get It: Acrylic is clear and durable, so it’ll stand up to any mess without contributing to visual clutter.

Keep in Mind: Any grime will be noticeable and require cleaning.

For those lacking drawer space or if you share a bathroom with your messy family, this tray—available in four sizes—corrals the hodgepodge of products on your bathroom counter. By choosing something clear, you cut down on any extra illusion of clutter, and acrylic is great because it’s strong and resistant to most wear and tear.

“It feels so much better when it’s contained on an acrylic tray—it’s peaceful for the eyes,” Ellison shares before recommending this West Elm one specifically.

The one con of acrylic is that because it’s clear, you’re going to automatically see accidental marks of makeup, fingerprints, or toothpaste residue—nothing that a simple swipe using a wet cloth can’t overcome.

Price at time of publish: $48 for 12.5-square-inch tray

Product Details: Dimensions: 12.5 in (length) x 12.5 in (width), 14.8 in (length) x 18.5 in (width), 18 in (round), 18 in (length) x 28 in (width) | Material: High-gauge acrylic | Care: Wipe clean

Haotian Tall Bathroom Cabinet with Rattan Door

Why You Should Get It: When it comes to storage, this cabinet has a little bit of everything.

Keep in Mind: The instructions are easy to follow but lengthy.

With two tall cabinets featuring an adjustable shelf in each, one small drawer, and one wide open compartment, there’s enough variety within this tower to meet all organization needs.

The long and lean design—perfect for odd corners—is such an efficient use of space that although you probably won’t need more storage, you should still have room for it. Most pieces like this are made with one material, but the rattan doors elevate it into something more unique than your standard bathroom find.

The instructions are straightforward, though they take some time to work through. It can be done, but it may not be the fastest DIY project you were hoping for, especially for beginners.

Price at time of publish: $105

Product Details: Dimensions: 11.8 in (length) x 12.6 inches (width) x 66.9 in (height) | Material: Engineered wood and rattan | Care: Not listed

SpaceKeeper Slim Rolling Storage Cart

Why You Should Get It: Not only can this fit in narrow spaces, but the shelves can be removed for counter or cabinet storage.

Keep in Mind: The tier heights aren’t adjustable.

If you’re looking for an affordable option, this four-tier rolling cart with hooks on the side helps you maximize the nooks and crannies in your bathroom. Although the tiers can’t be adjusted, the shelves can be easily removed. That means when certain ones aren’t in use, or you no longer need a cart, you can take them apart and use them under the sink, on the counter, in a cabinet, and more.

This added versatility (and the easiness of “set it and forget it”) makes it all the more valuable. You can choose from one of three classic neutrals, black, gray, or white, and opt for the slim three-tier option for smaller spaces.

Though it’s not the most aesthetically-pleasing piece, it can perfectly suit your organizing needs in a snap, plus it’s made from easy-to-wipe-down plastic.

Price at time of publish: $40

Product Details: Dimensions: 15.75 in (length) x 5.1 in (width) x 33.5 in (height) | Material: Plastic | Care: Not listed

Pillowfort Over the Door Hanging Bath Organizer

Why You Should Get It: The combination of shelves and hooks is extra functional.

Keep in Mind: The wood is unfinished.

Not sure if you want hooks or shelves on your over-the-door bathroom storage? Go for both! This unit includes two shelves (that hold a ton) and three hooks for robes and towels. This helps you to take advantage of blank spaces, like the back of your door, making it great for small bathrooms.

Though sometimes pieces like this can stick out like a sore thumb, the use of lighter materials like white-coated steel and unfinished wood creates less contrast against a standard white door.

It’s more substantial and sturdy than you’d expect for the price, but be careful not to put anything that could leak or spill on the shelves since the wood will stain.

Price at time of publish: $30

Product Details: Dimensions: 18 in (length) x 6 in (width) x 29 in (height) | Material: Steel and wood | Care: Not listed

Why You Should Get It: This aesthetically neutral shelf is the ideal combination of spacious and compact.

Keep in Mind: Assembly isn’t hard, but it is time-consuming.

Unless you’re a fastidious organizer or professional stylist, open shelving intended for storage can be intimidating. The perk of this wood ladder, though, is that the airiness allows the room to breathe while making the most of its wall space and not taking up too much floor space.

Three tiers offer plenty of room for towels and toiletries, and the top shelf is ideal for knick-knacks, tissues, and more. Designed with clean lines in two neutral hues, there’s not a bathroom style or size out there this ladder won’t work with (a feature all the best bathroom storage should strive for).

Like any similar piece, assembly is required, and while it isn’t difficult, it may be time-consuming for DIY beginners. Another downside? If you’re not keen on tidiness and don’t try to organize every so often, the open shelves may end up looking messy (complement with small trays or simply use it for objects like rolled towels or baskets).

Price at time of publish: $76

Product Details: Dimensions: 11.42 in (diameter) x 14.69 in (width) x 42.7 in (height) | Material: Wood and engineered wood | Care: Not listed

The Home Edit Hair Tool Bin with Silicone Insert

Best for Hair Styling Tools

Why You Should Get It: The silicone insert can handle hot tools and be removed if no longer needed.

Keep in Mind: There’s no space for a hair dryer.

There’s a lot of bathroom storage specially designed for hair styling tools, but according to Ellison, “you don’t need something hyper-specific—they usually end up cast aside.” Instead, she recommends opting for pieces with a little more flexibility.

What’s great about this one is that the heat-resistant silicone insert keeps the tools neatly organized even if they’re still hot, but it can also be removed if you want to use the bin for something else. Plus, the BPA-free plastic bin is modular, which means you can easily stack it with other bins from The Home Edit’s Walmart collection.

While there’s a limit to up to three tools and no dedicated space for a hair dryer or brushes, the ability to immediately store hot tools is a big enough pro to let that go.

Price at time of publish: $22

Product Details: Dimensions: 10 in (length) x 15 in (width) x 4.5 in (height) | Material: BPA-free plastic and silicone | Care: Not listed

Why You Should Get It: The adhesive and stainless steel are super durable, and there are plenty of storage options.

Keep in Mind: This isn’t for textured or curved walls.

For those looking to maximize every single space of the shower, you can make the most of that odd corner space with this set of three in black and bronze, designed with two L-shaped shelves featuring 12 hooks for various accessories and a bar soap holder.

Despite being hung with adhesive, they can reliably hold up to 40 pounds. Getting ahead of the durability and oxidation issues other shower caddies may be prone to, this one is made of stainless steel wire that’s thicker than standard and coated with rust-proof paint.

Prior to purchasing, make sure the walls you plan to put it on are smooth and at a 90-degree angle, or else the caddy won’t stick.

Price at time of publish: $25

Product Details: Dimensions: 9.64 in (diameter) x 9.64 in (width) x 2.55 in (height) | Material: Coated stainless steel | Care: Not listed

The Container Store Acrylic Stackable Drawer Organizers

Why You Should Get It: The bins, available in seven sizes, are stackable and easy to clean.

Keep in Mind: These aren’t as useful for extra deep drawers.

Ellison considers these bins some of the best bathroom storage, available in seven versatile sizes. “They're stackable, so you can make layers to your drawers,” she explains.

With a stackable and modular design, you can truly maximize a space, which is especially important for a small bathroom. Plus, as you know by now, acrylic is super easy to clean up and makes sure everything is visible without creating additional clutter—two musts in bathroom drawers.

Note that these won’t be very functional for deep drawers, but for those Ellison recommends these narrow pantry bins (just because they’re marketed for one space, doesn’t mean they can’t be used for another).

Price at time of publish: $5 for 3 x 2-inch drawer

Product Details: Dimensions: Varies | Material: Clear UV-resistant acrylic | Care: Clean with soapy water

The Container Store Luxe Acrylic Modular Makeup System

Why You Should Get It: The modular design allows you to customize your storage, and the acrylic keeps it clean and in sight.

Keep in Mind: Depending on how much makeup you own, this could add up.

Some people who wear makeup keep a little more than the essentials around, while others are true collectors. This modular system makes for some of the best bathroom storage because you get exactly what you need—no more, no less—and it all stacks neatly together.

Some pieces are great for brushes, and others are ideal for lipsticks and glosses, and so much more. Per usual, acrylic is ideal because it keeps everything visible and is also effortless to wipe down completely, which is especially important with makeup.

Be aware that if you consider yourself a beauty buff, the cost may add up.

Price at time of publish: $10 for luxe long 2-section divided insert clear drawer

Product Details: Dimensions: Varies | Material: Clear UV-resistant acrylic | Care: Clean with soapy water

CB2 Acrylic and Polished Nickel Toilet Paper Storage Tower

Why You Should Get It: The sleek design isn’t at risk of rusting and can hold even the widest rolls.

Keep in Mind: This does take up floor space.

When it comes to storing toilet paper, Ellison insists on two things: first, be realistic about how much space you have, and second, it must be out of the packaging. This tower makes the list of best bathroom storage because it holds a small pack of rolls (sans plastic, of course), regardless of how thick they are.

It’s also made from—you guessed it—acrylic, which is a breeze to clean and won’t rust. One thing to consider is that it does take up 6 square inches of floor space, so those with the tiniest bathrooms may need to try another idea to maximize storage.

Price at time of publish: $50

Product Details: Dimensions: 21.25 in (height) x 6 in (width) x 6 in (depth) | Material: Acrylic and iron with polished nickel finish | Care: Clean with a soft cloth

When it comes to easy maintenance, the best bathroom storage is often acrylic. The West Elm Clear Acrylic Tray has become a perfect option if you’re looking for one that “does it all.” It can serve as a product tray, keep your bathroom counter neat, and stack and store essentials under the sink.

As for furniture, the Haotian Tall Bathroom Cabinet with Rattan Door helps to take advantage of those—usually unused—vertical spaces, especially if your bathroom has tall ceilings. It looks stylish, but what’s more important is its versatility and storage capabilities.

Not every item you own needs its own bin or shelf. “I like to keep it simple,” Ellison shares. “You don’t need to contain everything.” It’s also important to be realistic about how you like to use your space. The best bathroom storage works for you, so if you bought a big bin that fits perfectly on the top shelf of a tall cabinet, but you’re too short to reach it, try adding more bathroom sink storage that’s easier to access.

This is critical because you don’t want to end up with storage that doesn’t make sense for the space, leading to a puzzle you’ll never complete, inefficient organization, and a pile of tedious returns. “Take a picture of the area with your iPhone, measure the area, and then write the measurements on the photo with the markup tool,” advises Ellison. Don’t think you’ll remember, because you most likely won’t.

When you consider all the moisture and mess that goes on in a bathroom, it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most high-maintenance areas of the home. The best bathroom storage is made up of materials that can stand up to humidity without fear of mold or oxidation and are easy to keep clean, like acrylic.

What material is best for bathroom storage?

The best bathroom storage material is acrylic. “When dried toothpaste and makeup spills are in the mix, you need something you can easily take out of the drawer and wipe or wash out,” explains Ellison.

In addition to cleanliness, there’s functionality to consider—out of sight, out of mind is never more prevalent than when it comes to organization. While it may look more aesthetically pleasing to use wood or woven bins, you’re at a much higher risk of forgetting or losing something.

How do I choose a bathroom cabinet?

Choosing a bathroom cabinet begins with determining its functionality. Know how it’s going to be used because then you know what kind of space you need, as well as how much of it. For example, a place for toddlers to house their bath toys should be short and covered by doors instead of tall and with open shelving.

After that, you need to think about placement and dimensions so you don’t end up with something too big or small for the space. Finally, your last decision is style, which is a decision based exclusively on personal preference but can be influenced by what the bathroom itself looks like.

Does bathroom furniture have to match?

No, your bathroom furniture does not need to match—in fact, this is often frowned upon in interior design. That said, in such a small space, it should be complementary. The room may be able to pull off one statement piece, but having too many contrasting items will create overwhelm.

The 14 Best Bathroom Storage Pieces of 2023

Hallway Bench Quincy Bulin is a writer who covers products and home, making this story the ideal intersection of her work. To make this list, she spent many hours researching bathroom storage with consideration to dimensions, material, and care. She also consulted with Margaret Ellison, founder of Sunday Plans, a boutique home-organizing company in Charleston, South Carolina.