Handmade for the holidays: Dana joins Daily DIYer for Christmas crafting |

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ST. LOUIS - Hi everyone and welcome back to my channel! It's a phrase YouTube lovers know all too well and how one local gets to e-greet her fans. Square Hanlde Mug

Handmade for the holidays: Dana joins Daily DIYer for Christmas crafting |

The Daily DIYer takes crafting to a whole new level while sharing her creative process online with her fans.

Shannon Hale creates “do it yourself” projects and video tutorials to share on YouTube, but these projects aren’t all glitter and glue sticks.

The Daily DIYer tackles a wide range of tasks from holiday crafts to home renovations. You name it, this crafty content creator can do it. And you can do it, too.

Shannon keeps her videos light, bright and full of color. On her channel, you will find a lengthy list of hacks to make projects easy and affordable.

For the holiday season, Shannon has incorporated Christmas décor and festive ways to elevate your gift giving with some unique projects.

Dana DiPiazza paid a visit to the craft queen’s ‘she-shed’ to bring Show Me St. Louis viewers a personalized tutorial.

Shannon says a hot cocoa or coffee bar is important to have in the house during the colder months, so she found a way to keep the cute ingredients out without attracting endless amounts of ants.

Model Magic Clay by Crayola can quickly become a long-lasting marshmallow if you get creative like Shannon.

She says with just a little shaping, she creates traditional marshmallow shapes, some styled to sit on the side of your mug, and even garnishes to give your gifts a little extra glamor. 

For the hot chocolate, the Daily DIYer doesn’t use real chocolate, of course, but she still keeps her materials warm.

Colorful hot glue is Shannon’s secret weapon. She uses chocolate brown glue to finish off her marshmallows and the drips down her precious mugs full of pretend hot chocolate.

Shannon says her number one tip for those interested in getting into crafting is to secure a great glue gun.

The she-shed is beautifully decorated for the holidays and is even equipped with a back office. The space was fully DIY from top to bottom and documented online. You can click here to watch the grand reveal. Shannon shows its full renovation on her page as well.

Since there are so many fun and festive projects to put together, Shannon created a second YouTube Channel fully dedicated to her Christmas crafting.

You can click here to visit The Cozy Christmas Cottage.

As they say, when you work a job you love, you never work a day in your life. Shannon began crafting as a hobby, using the creative outlet to relax, unwind and spend time with loved ones. Now, she shares her passion with the world, including her nearly half a million followers online.

To subscribe to Shannon’s Youtube channel, click here.

You can also follow The Daily DIYer on Instagram and Facebook.

Handmade for the holidays: Dana joins Daily DIYer for Christmas crafting |

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